Timo Porotesano

Timo Porotesano

Timo started his career in 2003 utilizing his skills with interpersonal relationships and ability to deescalate almost any situation, he has risen quickly to managing a full time highly trained and respected, forty strong security team. Timo’s focus is on Training and Elevated Awareness for added success and Safety. The best security is always preventative and proactive in nature. Being able to identify potential problems before they occur is the difference between the success and failure of security team members.

By 2010 Timo was responsible for staffing, training and managing dozens security teams of Nightclubs, Bars and Pubs. Brix Tavern, Urban Studio, Candy, Dirty, Barrel Room, Bar XV, Qube, Blackstone Bar, Jo Sun lounge, Cielo and so many more.

Work Experience

2003 Wok’s Up Bar & Grill
2004 Voodoo
2006-07 Ohm Head of Security
2007-08 Envy Lounge Management/Head of Security
2007-08 Cielo Club
2007-Present Dirty Nightclub Bar Head of Security
2008-11 Candy Ultra Lounge Head of Security
2009-Present Barrel Room Head of Security
2010-Present Splash Bar Head of Security
2013-Present Hobo’s Head of Security

Training Policies for Success

•  Progressive Public Safety Policies
•  Mandatory training of all servers and Bartenders
•  Proactive Security personnel
•  Added Value Alcohol Monitors
•  Security after action meetings
•  Security Training and Procedures
•  Security nightly Debriefing meetings
•  Patron entrance policies —Awareness, communication, breathalyzers
•  Public walkway policy- outdoor smoking area, entry lines, windows
•  Designated alcohol monitors- breathalyzers, Black markers
•  Safe zones- nonpublic incident care areas
•  Improved interior security postings
•  Soft closing procedures
•  Water exchange and hydration program
•  Security camera system
•  DSP Drive Safe Program System
•  Patron Code of Conduct Guidelines
•  We are also a part of the Responsible Vendor Program
•  Underage Deterrence Policies, Procedures and Systems