Robert Smith

Robert Smith

I am the President and CEO of Nightclub Security Consultants and are home based in San Diego, California. We are the only company dedicated to reducing alcohol related violence, reducing premise liability, reducing liquor establishment insurance rates and reducing law enforcement visits through training and education of hospitality industry employees. I am also a retired 20-year veteran San Diego Police Detective. As a police officer, I worked a variety of assignments including being a part of the design and implementation team for an underage drinking enforcement team entitled “Operation Safe Crossing”. This program addressed serious underage alcohol issues at the United States / Mexico Border.

Most recently, I was selected to sit as Chairperson for the California Department of Consumer Affairs sub-committee tasked with creating the first job and duty specific state training curriculum for all State of California in-house security guards or “bouncers”. My company’s sole purpose is to make the hospitality industry safer for employees and patrons while creating a viable “standard of care” surrounding training, education and procedures for bar, nightclub and restaurant employees.

• BA in Criminology, San Diego State University, San Diego, 1994

• Court Expert, San Diego Superior Court – Recognition, Packaging, Sales and Use of Narcotics;Methamphetamine, Heroin, Ecstasy, GHB and Rohypnol – 1995
• Court Expert, San Diego Superior Court – Recognition of Fake, Altered and Internet forms of Identification – 1996
• Court Expert, Superior Court of California, County of Monterey – Industry Standards of Care – 2002
• Court Expert, Superior Court of California, County of San Francisco – Liquor Liability and Industry Standards of Care – 2003
• Court Expert, Superior Court of California, San Diego County – Premise Libility, Nightclub & Bar Security Procedures and Practices – April 2006
• Court Expert, Superior Court of Florida, Brevard County – Industry Standard of Care, Responsible Alcohol Service and Alcohol Service Training and Education – July 2007
• Court Expert, Superior Court of Alaska, Anchorage – Industry Standards of Care, Minor Decoy Compliance Checks – August 2007
• Court Expert, Superior Court of California, San Diego County – Premise Liability, In House Guard Staffing and In House Guard Training – March 2011

• United States Navy, Diving Medicine – 1986 to 1991
• San Diego Regional Law Enforcement Academy, Community Policing Instructor – 1996 to Present
• San Diego Regional Law Enforcement Academy, Problem Oriented Policing Instructor – 1996 to Present
• Japanese Executives Association of San Diego, Personal Protection & Safety Instructor 1997 to Present
• TiP’S Responsible Alcohol Server Training Instructor – 1999 to 2001
• California Department of Consumer Affairs, Guard Card Instructor – 1999 to 2000
• California Department of Consumer Affairs, PSO Licensed Instructor – 2010 to Present
• Department of Consumer Affairs, Bureau of Security and Investigative Services
• Rules Committee Chairperson – Proprietary Security Guard Training Standards Committee
• San Diego Peace Officers Association
• Latino Peace Officers Association
• National Bar and Restaurant Association
• National Association of Nightclub Security Employees
• American Society for Industrial Security
• Texas Restaurant Association
• World Association of Alcohol Beverage Industries
• San Diego Gaslamp Quarter Association
• San Diego County Regional Chamber of Commerce
• National Hospitality Resource Panel
• San Diego County Food & Beverage Association
• California Restaurant Association
• Restaurant Association of Metro Washington, DC
• DC Nightlife Association
• Providence, RI Downtown Improvement District
• Association of Club Executives (ACE)

• How to Safely Check Identification – Nightclub & Bar Magazine
• Club Drugs and Narcotics – Nightclub & Bar Magazine and Club Systems International
• Preventing Employee Theft – Nightclub & Bar Magazine
• Communication vs. Violence – Nightclub & Bar Magazine and Boston Globe
• Business Robbery; “Do’s and Don’ts” – Exotic Dancer Magazine
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• Incident Logs and Report Writing – Nightclub & Bar Magazine
• How to Make Law Enforcement your Ally – Exotic Dancer Magazine
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• Nightclub and Bar Safety, Nightclub & Bar Crisis Situations – Multiple Publications; the Boston Globe, the Washington Post, the Miami Harold, the Charlotte Observer, the Dallas Morning News and Providence Journal.
• Monthly article covering security questions and concerns from the nightclub, bar and restaurant industry – Nightclub & Bar Magazine.
• Security Guard and Technology Advancements over 20 years – Exotic Dancer Magazine
• Identification Scanning Technology Advances; 1985 to present – Nightclub & Bar Magazine
• What is Acceptable Use of Force – Exotic Dancer Magazine
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• Insurance Breaks for Alcohol Establishments – November 2007 – Nightclub & Bar Magazine
• Loss Prevention and the Retail Establishment – February 2008 – Adult Store Chain Magazine
• ID Verification Advances – April 2009 – Exotic Dancer Magazine
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• 2007-2008 – Appointed Chairperson for legislative committee in charge of the development of content, language, and the adaptation of the State of California Department of Consumer Affairs, Bureau of Security and Investigative Services Proprietary Security Act. The Proprietary Security Act is the outline for California’s new license for all In House Security Guards.
• 2008-2009 – Assisted the Offices of Mayor David N. Cicilline from Providence, Rhode Island in the writing, creation, review, vetting and successful passing of In House Security Guard license program.

• Ohio Licensed Beverage Association – 2012
• Alaska Cabaret, Hotel, Restaurant & Retailers Association – 2012
• Nightclub, Bar and Restaurant Convention and Tradeshow – 1999 to Present
• Recognition of Club Drugs & Narcotics
• Recognition of Fake and False Identification
• Report Writing and Incident Log Entries
• Employee Theft and Reducing Liability
• Club Safety and Keeping Customers Safe
• How to Limit Nightclub, Bar and Club Liabilities
• Creating a Policy and Procedure Manual
• Creating an Employee Training Program
• Preparing for a Lawsuit
• Liability Insurance and the Assault Lawsuit
• 3-Hour Conflict Resolution and Liability Seminar
• Turning Bouncers into Hosts
• Texas Restaurant Association Convention and Tradeshow – 2000 to 2006 & 2011
• Club Drugs
• Employee Theft and Lowering Loss
• Bar and Club Safety
• How to Limit Club Liabilities
• Training that will Increase Profits
• Gentleman’s Club Owners Tradeshow and Expo – 2003 to Present
• World Association of Alcohol Beverage Industries – June 2007
• Social Responsibility within the Alcohol Service Industry
• Wisconsin Tavern League Tradeshow – 2005
• Florida Restaurant Association Nightclub & Bar Convention – 2002
• Mothers Against Drunk Driving National Youth Summit – 2002