Jordan Ruemler

Jordan Ruemler

Jordan Ruemler was a top broker for 10 years in the financial industry.  She came to Portland from Chicago to train & recruit for JP Morgan.  She wanted to meet people when she moved to town, so she started working part time for fun at Candy Ultra Lounge…… and the rest was history.  She knew that sales and customer service were her passion, and it turned out the hospitality industry was the perfect fit.  She worked her way up the chain while leaving the financial industry behind.  Starting as a part time event planner, then sales and marketing to marketing director then partner and consultant in less than a year.  She currently is affiliated with Splash Bar, Dirty Nightlife, Hobo’s Public House, and Cold Steel Vodka.  She has traveled the world learning from the best consultants.  Shadowing Chris Lenahan in most recent projects in Mongolia, China, Thailand, Las Vegas and Nebraska.  She brings a diverse background of sales, marketing, accounting, management and ownership.  From presenting sales seminars to big distributors such as Wirtz and Southern Wine and Spirits to day to day management of staff she can work around all areas of the industry comfortably.


•  Working closely with charity organizations
•  Consulting new and existing venues on how to maximize their marketing dollar
•  Training and motivating staff
•  Creating new and innovative marketing and promotions for venues
•  Working with liquor reps to get the most of the partnership
•  Balancing and creating a budget
•  Overseeing day to day operations of a venue
•  Manage labor cost
•  Party and Event planning
•  Create and Measure cross sell ratio for individual staff members
•  Setting up online promotions and websites
•  Working closely with OLCC and City officials to ensure the venue’s backed and supported
•  Working closely with business owners in the community to cross promote
•  Working with and hosting concierge parties, sports affiliated events etc
•  Hiring, and overseeing employees in all areas of work•


•  Turning new customers into regular loyal customers
•  Attract and retain new customers
•  Train to out-smart and out-think the competition
•  Bring in large groups consistently every week, driving new revenue streams into the venue towards the bottom line
•  Using special events to build brand awareness while driving traffic into the venue at little of no cost followed by a qualified ROI to the venue.
•  Develop customer loyalty programs, data mining systems with customer tracking and return index trends year over year.
•  Generate publicity from local, national and international media outlets
•  Institute new aggressive marketing programs and promotional events with proven track records.
•  Social Media marketing programs with unique social awareness tactics proven to drive 10,000+ friends to your social media platforms
•  16 step proven program used to generate higher customer counts and increased revenue platforms