Above the Bar – The Tools to WIN

In this case we will define WIN= Wants and Needs, the wants and needs of our customers. Do you have what it takes to win? Do you have the policies, procedures and tools in place to understand how to win? Do you understand or even know the abilities of your entertainers? Does your support staff i.e. Managers, Hosts, DJ’s and security staff know your entertainers abilities or even understand or care? Do you understand what the Wants and Needs are of your customers?

The industry is plagued by a high turnover rate of both entertainers and support staff, so keeping this in mind while setting up these systems to ensure a smooth transition from one support staff member, to another is critical in ensuring the smooth operation of the business.

At the same time owners can feel held hostage to Support staff members and especially managers, due to the fact that the owner does not take an active role in operations. So wouldn’t common sense dictate that owners would want the systems of the business to be turn key?

Let’s begin by understanding that knowledge and understanding are not enough to qualify for successful execution of goods and services. In order to qualify you must first understand the ability of your staff and entertainers to be able to understand what you are able to deliver. Management is critical in organizing the proper documentation in order to understand the abilities of your entertainers. The best format to understand your staff is a Q&A 2 page document asking simple questions to establish the abilities of the entertainers, below are a few examples of gathering information.

What are your best assets?
Do you have any special talents?
What special skills or abilities do you have on stage?
What level of comfort from 1 -10 do you have on stage?
Do you have any recommendations for special events or promotions?
What do you benefit most from while working?
How would you best describe yourself?
Are you willing to work in teams during your shift to maximize your revenue?
What can we provide you to help you generate revenue?
What has helped you be successful in the execution of your work?
Have you ever been formally trained as an entertainer? Explain?
What tools do you need or want to best generate revenue?
What do you want?
What do you need?

Now that you have gathered this information you have a better idea of what type of talent base you have to work with and you no longer need to be able to read the minds of your entertainers, as you have a base to work with.
Next you will need to format this information into an easy to read quick card system for the support staff to be able to utilize in order to maximize and expedite the requests from the customers. Setting this system up can be easy to complex, as easy as alphabetical order by entertainer stage names or a more complex system including colored and grouped entertainers with suggested pairings mini bios.
The Support staff now armed with the knowledge can best support the entertainers
and begin to now connect the entertainers with the wants and needs of the customers.This is a great tool for the owners who might not spend much time in the venue or with the staff and entertainers as this info can now allow for the owners to easily access the info of the entertainers and at the same time if a new manager or new support staff needs to be integrated into the venue it is easier now as the new support member can easily catch up to the other members by studying the information provided.

In the next article we will explain how to connect the Wants and Needs of the customer to the entertainer using the Entertainer cards.