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Blunt Advice: Opening a Bar

To educate the uninitiated, Chris Lenahan knows a little something about designing, opening and owning bars and clubs. For over 20 years, Lenahan has done all three to great success.

Over the course of three hours, during this year’s Nightclub & Bar Show, Lenahan and a team of SCORE mentors helped…

Chris Lenahan interview by Nightclub Security Consultants

Live from The Nightclub & Bar Show 2014, we interview Chris Lenahan, Nightclub Design Expert, Author of The Little Black Bar Book, and creator of My Venue Tracker. Click to listen below:

Above The Bar- Barpocalypse

Here is a recap of my seminar at the Nightclub and Bar Show 2014: “Are your promotions helping you in the long run?”

This year, I experimented with an interactive workshop seminar for the first time. My goal was to help the audience learn by participating in real world mock situations….

Above the Bar – STOP Marketing!

For heaven’s sake please stop using these marketing programs that promise they will show you how to pack your venue in 10 easy steps!!!!!

Bringing in new customers into your venue that is already failing and not able to retain existing customers is not going to work.

If you had cancer and…

Above the Bar – Revenue Streams 101

Revenue streams are key components to any business. Many times these are overlooked, or in some cases many viable revenue generation sources completely ignored. Revenue steams may require additional staffing or re-training of existing staff to capture and increase revenues. In most cases simple training of existing staff can be…

Above the Bar

As I sit down to write out this article, I cannot help but to look back on all of my years and the countless lessons learned, both good and bad. The blood sweat and tears of almost two decades of hands on experience.

When I started to write my first book…

Above the Bar – The Profit Hangover

This column will focus on the downturn in revenues over the last few years and answer questions regarding how did it happen and what can we all do now.

With the crash of the Mid 2000’s the US economy seemed like it was the end of the beginning or the beginning…

Above the Bar – They Come in Waves

One of the secret strategies of ownership that I employ to dominate a market is the simple fact that I just keep building and opening venues one after another to the point of trying to open one venue per year for 3 to 4 years.

This allows for market dominance and…

Above the Bar – Branding

1.    As a bar or nightclub owner/operator, why is brand important?
Branding is Marketing, the first step in creating a brand that works, is to create a brand that explains to a potential consumer what you are, just like putting a the mission statement of your venue into the name,…

Above the Bar – The Tools to WIN

In this case we will define WIN= Wants and Needs, the wants and needs of our customers. Do you have what it takes to win? Do you have the policies, procedures and tools in place to understand how to win? Do you understand or even know the abilities of your…